Making Food That Tastes Like Island Holidays: Relaxing Treats

Hi, my name is Kate, and as I have been married to a chef for over fifteen years, I have learned a lot about how to create ambiance and style in a restaurant. I would love to start our own restaurant, but it's just not possible right now as we are super focused on our two kids under the age of two. Maybe, when they get older, we'll be able to open one. Anyway, I love exploring that world and decided to create a blog related to food service and food service ideas. In particular, I am going to focus on making food that tastes like a holiday, engaging your clients and relaxing them. I hope you enjoy these posts and that they inspire you to explore new culinary avenues.

Two tips to follow when ordering supplies for your new catering company


If you need to start ordering supplies for your new catering company, here are some tips to follow.

Look for an event catering supply service that offers next-day delivery

Even if you don't need your first order to be delivered quickly, you should still choose an event catering supply company that has a next-day delivery service. As your catering business grows, you may find yourself occasionally being asked to cater events at short notice (as a result of, for example, another caterer pulling out of the event shortly before it's due to take place or because a client needs to organise a last-minute party).

When this begins to happen, you probably won't always have enough catering supplies in stock to handle these last-minute events. However, if you use the services of a catering supply company that has a next-day delivery service, you can order the things you need for a short-notice event and get them delivered in time to prep the food for this occasion.

This would then mean that you wouldn't need to turn down these potentially lucrative business opportunities just because you cannot source the catering supplies you need in time. It would also mean that on occasions when you realise you've forgotten to order some important catering supplies for an event, you can still quickly get the items you need and provide your clients with a high-quality catering service.  

Don't buy a huge batch of supplies when you place your first order

It's best to make the first order you place with the catering supply company relatively small. As a new caterer, you might not yet know exactly which supplies you'll need a lot of or which versions of specific supplies (such as paper plates or types of curry powder) your clients prefer.

As such, if you order a huge batch of, for example, a type of curry powder that your first few clients don't seem that keen on, you'll end up having no use for this ingredient and might need to throw it out what's left of it and order a different version of it. By ordering enough supplies to allow you to cater just a couple of events, you can test the waters and see how your first few clients respond to certain supplies that you use and then decide if you should reorder the same ones or try out some different ones instead. You should then be able to avoid wasting money on supplies that you cannot use.


6 December 2021