Making Food That Tastes Like Island Holidays: Relaxing Treats

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Two Ideas for Those Who Are Organising the Post-Dinner Snacks and Drinks for Their Wedding


If you're deciding which post-dinner drinks and snacks to provide at your wedding, these two ideas might serve as a good source of inspiration.

Consider hiring a coffee cart

You might want to look for a coffee cart hire business and find out if you can rent one of their carts for your wedding. Using this service is a particularly sensible step to take if quite a few of the guests who will be at the wedding don't drink alcohol, as you will need to provide them with some non-alcoholic drinks. Whilst it might be nice to offer them a selection of virgin cocktails and alcohol-free wines, it is also a good idea to ensure they have access to some proper coffee.

The reason for this is as follows: your wedding day will be a wonderful, but very lengthy affair. The length of this event won't be much of an issue for your guests who will be drinking alcohol, as small amounts of this drink tend to make people feel (temporarily) energetic, and most people find that time seems to fly by when they're a bit tipsy. However, your guests who avoid alcohol may find it hard to keep up with their tipsy friends and family at the wedding, simply because they are not being fuelled by this substance. Without any substitute, they may find themselves wanting to take a nap, rather than throw some shapes on the dancefloor, by the time dinner is over and everyone else is ready to let their hair down.

In this instance, having a coffee cart, which is manned by someone who can serve these guests delicious and energising coffee, as well as some energy-boosting sugary pastries, could help these people to stave off their sleepiness and instead join in the fun with the other guests. Even one or two caffeine-laden drinks could be enough to turn a lethargic and unenthusiastic guest into the life and soul of the party.

Make sure the snacks you provide are easy to hold

If the catering service you've booked will be setting up a food station at the wedding, to provide peckish guests with some post-dinner treats, you should ensure that the snacks you serve at this station are easy for people to hold. Ideally, the items should be compact enough to fit in the palm of a person's hand and should not be items that will fall apart and spill down a person's outfit if they're not held with two hands (like an overstuffed sandwich, for instance).

The reason for this is as follows; the period after the wedding dinner is when your guests will get to mingle and talk to people other than those who were seated at the same table as them. If the snacks you provide are too large or fragile to be eaten whilst standing up, your guests who order them may have to return to their tables every time they decide to consume one of them. Conversely, if these snacks can be held in one hand, your guests can enjoy them whilst strolling through the venue and getting to know new people, or they can even eat them whilst they're on the dancefloor. This, in turn, could make the evening portion of your wedding more fun for your loved ones. 


7 May 2020