Making Food That Tastes Like Island Holidays: Relaxing Treats

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Party Catering | 4 Nifty Tactics To Plan Your Catering Menu For A Party

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If you're planning to throw a party for your friends and family, food is one of your most critical considerations. But if you're not in the mood to cook and prepare food on your own, then hiring a party catering company is a great idea to reduce your burden. This guide offers you smart strategies to plan your catering menu for a party.  

Find Out About Allergies In Advance

Before choosing your catering menu for the party, be sure to ask your guests about any allergies ahead of time. The last thing you want is a guest breaking out in hives and inflammations because of your nut-filled salad. Most of the time, guests let you know on their own, but it's always polite to ask in case someone forgets to mention it. Make sure that your catering menu has at least one dish like a green leafy salad or sautéed vegetables that everyone can enjoy, irrespective of their allergies.

Choose Dishes You're Familiar With

When you decide between different dishes for your party, consider foods that you're already familiar with to avoid any surprises. This is a good idea because your friends and family may also be comfortable with similar foods. For instance, if you're used to a casserole or baked lasagna, then choose these instead of that exotic sushi or sashimi assortment that you're not quite familiar with yet. If you want to impress guests with a fancy dish, order it from the caterer a few weeks ahead of your party to make sure that you're comfortable serving it.

Make Sure You Have A Variety Of Dishes

If you're throwing a party for different people, it's always ideal to choose different dishes to cater to different tastes, especially if some people you know are vegetarian or intolerant to some foods. By serving up a variety of dishes with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, you'll show your guests that you're considerate of their needs and you'll avoid an embarrassing situation where a guest is unable to eat the food you serve.  

Consider Setting Up A Themed Menu For A Theme Party

Planning a themed menu with your catering service is a great way to bring your décor and food together for your party. Adding the right foods and flavours to a theme party can add to the excitement and fun that awaits you and your guests. For instance, an exotic menu consisting of pineapple sticks, roast pork dishes and sweet potato dishes is reminiscent of a traditional Hawaiian luau. This themed menu idea is a good way to make your themed party even more thrilling.

Follow these nifty tactics in your quest to successfully plan the catering menu for your party.


22 July 2016