Making Food That Tastes Like Island Holidays: Relaxing Treats

Hi, my name is Kate, and as I have been married to a chef for over fifteen years, I have learned a lot about how to create ambiance and style in a restaurant. I would love to start our own restaurant, but it's just not possible right now as we are super focused on our two kids under the age of two. Maybe, when they get older, we'll be able to open one. Anyway, I love exploring that world and decided to create a blog related to food service and food service ideas. In particular, I am going to focus on making food that tastes like a holiday, engaging your clients and relaxing them. I hope you enjoy these posts and that they inspire you to explore new culinary avenues.

Oyster Dates: 3 Awesome Tactics to Woo Your Date With Oysters at Home


Oysters are considered aphrodisiacs, so if you're looking to impress your date by conjuring up some delicious food, then oysters should be on your menu for the evening. While shucking and cleaning oysters may sound daunting, it really isn't as hard as it seems. This guide is designed to help you woo your date brilliantly with oysters in the comfort of your home.

Know What Oysters to Buy

Before planning everything, you need to know how and what oysters to buy. You'll want the oysters to be as fresh as possible for the best taste. In Australia, you're likely to find three varieties of oysters: Sydney Rock oysters and Pacific oysters (cupped) and Native oysters (flat). The type of oysters you buy will depend entirely on your palate.

Sydney Rock oysters have smooth, triangular shells with pale meat edges. They tend to be flavourfully milder and smaller than Pacific oysters. Pacific oysters are not as freely available as Rock oysters and are much saltier. They have oval and spiky shells with black-edged meat. Native oysters have flatter shells with noticeably salty and finely textured meat. You can choose the type of oyster depending on the level of saltiness and flavour you prefer. If you're not sure, it's best to get an assortment of them all and let your date decide what she likes.

Gather Your Oyster Shucking and Presentation Tools

To enjoy raw oysters, you don't have to have much, but you should use the right tools to be safe. You will need an oyster knife for shucking and a shucking board for stabilising the shell and collecting spilled juices. You will also need a shucking glove or kitchen towel to protect your hands during shucking. If you're looking to present the oysters attractively, you will need some rock salt or crushed ice for placing below the oysters, a deep platter for holding oysters, lemon wedges, salt and freshly ground pepper.

Shuck the Oysters

Learning to shuck oysters will allow you to create a romantic mood for your date in the comfort of your home. Hold the oyster on the board and cover one end with a towel or glove leaving the hinge end open. Use the oyster knife to dig gently and slowly into the hinge by following a burrowing action. Don't use excessive force or you may cut yourself. The knife will soon penetrate through the shell. Once this happens, twist it around and you'll hear a small popping sound as the shell opens. Slide the knife just below the top shell and remove the lid. Place the shucked oysters on the ice platter and wipe off any muddy bits. Wait for a few minutes before serving them.

You'll ideally want to shuck the oysters just before or as soon as your date arrives to ensure that they remain fresh. Shucking the oysters too early will cause them to lose their fresh flavour. 


15 December 2015